We bring children together from neighborhoods in which chances are limited, and  give them an opportunity to play (classical) music on an instrument and to sing in a choir, during and after school time.  We are joined non-profit organizations, except for musicians, run by volunteers and parents, with help from people in the neighborhoods and the schools, with a wonderful back up from orchestras like  the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra.

We believe creativity and artistry give inspiration  and create chances for children.

 Our aim:

  • To create opportunities for children to discover and explore their talents
  • To stimulate children’s development in the broadest sense,  not only their musical talents but also, among others, the ability to  listen, to interact and play together,  to concentrate and to appreciate someone’s efforts
  • To symbolize “a great many things are possible”, even things you never thought of or you never saw as within your reach (like the boy on the violin at the playground, he shows his friends the violin as if it is his new phone)


In the meantime we reached more than 3000 children. Practically, we and other colleague projects in the country, see what this kind of creativity means for them. Currently we are looking for better founding the legitimation of our work,  not only in the scientific field of sociology but also in psychology, ethics and human rights.  We have invited a group of friends with various backgrounds, including scientific research, to help us do so. We think the Capabilities Approach could be an  important aspect in this.  The minister of  education, culture and science Jet Bussemaker is very interested in the outcome and maybe with our findings we are able to convince her and other policy makers, the place arts and culture deserve in our society.